Michael Garron Hospital

to-east-generalMichael Garron Hospital (formerly Toronto East General Hospital) is a full-service community teaching hospital, providing a full range of programs and services for patients, including mental health, rehabilitation and complex continuing care.

Developing a patient-centred culture is a key strategic priority at Michael Garron Hospital.

In 2011, Michael Garron Hospital took an innovative approach to capturing and disseminating the patient voice by filming interviews with patients to use as a resource for internal educational purposes. To gather these stories, a patient story toolkit was developed to help guide the interview process and maintain the unique perspective each story was likely to bring. Now featured at various leadership tables, committee meetings, and unit huddles, patient videos (PVs) form the basis for brainstorming, discussion and problem-solving throughout Michael Garron Hospital, enabling patients to directly impact the development of patient-centred care at the hospital.

Michael Garron Hospital has collected over 100 unique patient experiences through their Patient Video program to date, each contributing to the following four components of patient-centred change at the organization:

  • Excellence: PVs have created a forum for patients to discuss organizational challenges in an open, transparent and supportive fashion;
  • Quality Improvement: PVs are featured in meetings throughout TEGH, allowing the patient voice to be directly involved in the development of action plans and organizational initiatives, including patient education programs, and improved signage;
  • Influence: PVs allow leadership, physicians and frontline staff to engage with patients in a disarming and genuine fashion, enabling this information to be utilized throughout the entire organization; and
  • Innovation: TEGH is currently the only known hospital in Canada facilitating PVs in this manner to identify and address patient-centred quality improvement opportunities.

A former Michael Garron Hospital patient can attest to the impact of PVs. “The patient video program gave me the opportunity to share my story and allowed me to reveal areas where the hospital was doing well and where they could be doing better,” she says. “It was my voice and my story that helped initiate change in the hospital.”

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As we wrap up #CaregiverDay in Ontario, we want to say thank you to all the family #caregivers out there who are doing extraordinary work, we see you and we appreciate you! Thank you for all that you do - year round but also during these unprecedented times! pic.twitter.com/adiPB3WDi3