Renal Patient Website Team

Renal Patient Website TeamLondon Health Sciences Centre

In February, 2013, the Renal Patient Website Team at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), comprised of multidisciplinary health providers, administrators and over ten patient advisors, came together to create a website for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) that would enable them to access educational resources to assist them through their treatment journey.

From January to April 2014, the Ontario Renal Network conducted consultations with CKD patients, family members and caregivers from across the province to determine how their experiences in the renal care system could be improved. The team incorporated the feedback they garnered from these consultations into the LHSC Renal Patient Website, including the fact that patients most wanted to learn about the lived experience of CKD from other patient and families. As such, the website features nine unique patient stories in video format, organized by key topic areas. Patients who volunteered to record their stories are from the LHSC renal program.

The LHSC Renal Website is the first of its kind in Ontario. Built with patients for patients, this initiative has led other Regional CKD Programs in the province to reflect on how they too can best support the educational, emotional and mental needs of patients, as well as partner with them for quality improvement. The LHSC project team listened to what patients and family members wanted and successfully delivered on those needs with a comprehensive educational website that will used by patients across Ontario. It is vital that their hard work be commended.

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As we wrap up #CaregiverDay in Ontario, we want to say thank you to all the family #caregivers out there who are doing extraordinary work, we see you and we appreciate you! Thank you for all that you do - year round but also during these unprecedented times!