Partners in Care Roadmap Strategy Development Team

Partners in Care Roadmap Strategy Development TeamUniversity Health Network (UHN)

The Partners in Care (PIC) Roadmap Strategy Development team at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto is a ground-breaking initiative led by the Collaborative Academic Practice (CAP) portfolio. Dedicated to making improvements that enhance patient-centred care, PIC was established to ensure each member of the health care team, including staff, physicians, patients, caregivers, students and volunteers are actively engaged in improving the patient experience at UHN.

Led by Joy Richards, Vice-President, Health Professions and Chief Nurse Executive, and two key members of her team, Susan Brown, Senior Director, Strategy and Transformation and Arsalan Hamidi, Planner, created the PIC Roadmap, an aspirational two-year plan to advance patient-centred care at UHN. Endorsed and supported by the UHN’s Board of Trustees that, last April, welcomed 18 patient and caregiver representatives to share their stories at their annual retreat, the Roadmap supports the following three change platforms:

  • Creating compassionate, caring and collaborative work environments for staff so that they feel safe and supported in order to provide the best care and service to one another and to their patients;
  • Engaging patients and their caregivers in more explicit and tangible ways, facilitated by the development of a Patient Engagement program to bring patients and their caregivers into important planning and decision-making activities;
  • Providing the framework for consistent and improved care and service delivery by building on the principle that leading practices in one program should be operationalized across the organization.

The PIC strategy team has taken a courageous and innovative look at patient-centred care at UHN through the implementation of these platforms. By prioritizing the relationships among ‘employer and staff’, ‘staff and staff’, and ‘staff and patients’, they have not only underscored the importance of creating healthy work environments so that providers can more easily care for those in need, but also identified strategic forums embedded in the core work of the organization to engage patients and their caregivers to ensure optimal experiences for all.

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