Pierre Noel

President and CEO, Pembroke Regional Hospital

pierre-noel-headshotPierre Noel assumed the position of President and CEO of the Pembroke Regional Hospital in the fall of 2006. Since January of 2018, he has concurrently held the position of President and CEO of the Mattawa Hospital and Algonquin Nursing Home.

Prior to this, Pierre was the President and CEO of the Wellington Health Care Alliance, a tri-hospital alliance between Groves Memorial Community Hospital and the two sites of the North Wellington Health Care Corporation.  Over the course of his career, Pierre has also held a number of senior positions in both the public and private health care sectors including a role as special consultant to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term, Vice-President of Corporate Development at Aetna Health Management, Vice-President of Business Development at Columbia Health Care, Director of the Children’s Program at Laurentian Hospital, and Director of Administrative Services at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group.

Pierre recently completed two three-year terms on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Hospital Association (2011-2017), serving as Chair of the Board for two one-year terms (2014-16).  During his time on the OHA Board he actively participated on all committees and served as Chair of the Executive Committee, the Election Planning Committee, the Special Committee on the Review of the Local Health System Integration Act, and was the Chair of the annual convention of the Ontario Hospital Association, Health Achieve, in 2014.  Pierre also recently completed eight years of service on the Board of the Catholic Health Association of Ontario (2009-2017), serving as Chair for three years from 2012 to 2015.

Pierre holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University and a Master in Health Administration from the University of Ottawa.


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