Because This is the Rainy Day

Because This is the Rainy Day

“The comfort of home is the best gift we could give them as their children…. It’s not because we’re wealthy but rather because this is the rainy day.” – A daughter speaking about her frail, elderly parents 

Can we provide good care at home for seniors with chronic health conditions? If so, at what cost? And to whom? Our discussion paper on home care and informal caregiving for seniors with chronic health conditions caps a two-year collaborative research project. The Change Foundation commissioned leading home-care expert Dr. John Hirdes – professor, University of Waterloo, and scientific director, Homewood Research Institute – to examine data on Ontario seniors with chronic conditions. The project helped us understand how this population uses home-care services, their healthcare needs as they move from hospital to home and/or community care, and the implications for their caregivers. 

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