Call for caregivers to join The Change Foundation’s Caregiver Advisory Panel

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By Carole Ann Alloway, Caregiver and Community Manager of The Change Foundation Caregiver Advisory Panel

Last year, The Change Foundation took their engagement with caregivers to the next level by setting up The Change Foundation’s Caregiver Advisory Panel.

The caregivers on the panel are regularly asked for their input and thoughts on some of The Change Foundation’s caregiver-focused ideas, tools and products, and are surveyed on different aspects of the caregiving experience on a regular basis.

Since we launched the panel, we’ve grown to over 100 caregivers who have shared their caregiving stories and experiences with us and answered a wide range of questions to help us shape our vision for the future of caregivers in Ontario.

We’re now looking to expand panel membership to truly represent Ontario’s population. If you’re a caregiver (or have been in the past), and you live in Ontario, we’d love it if you’d join the panel.

Here’s a little bit more about the opportunity:

  • This Advisory Panel is hosted through an online discussion forum, so all you need is internet access and a computer.
  • You would receive emails once or twice a month asking for your participation.
  • Opportunities vary, but may include answering a question about the caregiving experience, answering a small survey, providing feedback on a Change Foundation idea or product, or answering a call for volunteers from a trusted partner organization.
  • You’re able to log on at any time, day or night, whenever is convenient for you.
  • We understand how precious your time is. While we would appreciate as much of your participation as possible, you’re free to choose your level of participation, either by answering all requests, or just answering those that fit your schedule.
  • Your responses on the panel will not be attributed to you, but rather to a username that you select. We will never share your name without your permission.

As a member of this panel, you may also be given the opportunity to participate in The Change Foundation’s work in a variety of ways, some we haven’t even thought of yet, and help us shape how the future looks for caregivers in Ontario.

If you’d like to join the panel, please click this link. It will take you to a registration page which will ask for some information about you and your experience with caregiving and enable you to register. While some of these questions are optional, they will help us ensure the panel’s membership represents Ontario’s diverse caregiver population.

If you have any questions about panel, please feel free to email us at

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