Caregiver Advisory Panel

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In 2018, The Change Foundation took their engagement with caregivers to the next level by establishing the Caregiver Advisory Panel.

Since the panel launched, it grew to roughly 200 caregivers who shared their caregiving stories and experiences with us and answered a wide range of questions to help us shape our vision for the future of caregivers in Ontario.

To continue momentum and allow for the panel to expand further and truly represent Ontario’s population, in 2020 we transferred ownership of the panel to the Ontario Caregiver Organization.

If you’re a caregiver (or have been in the past), and you live in Ontario, we’d encourage you to visit their website to learn more about the panel and join!


The Ontario Caregiver Organization just released a new information sheet for all #caregivers on connecting socially while keeping your distance. It offers 5 tips and a variety of links to arts, culture and wellness resources. Check it out below. #PhysicalDistancing #COVID19…