Visually Recognizing Caregivers: The Caregiver Identification (ID) initiative

The Change Foundation, in partnership with caregivers and health care providers from the Changing CARE teams, has developed a visual to symbolize family caregivers. The heart shaped icon helps to visually acknowledge and easily identify family caregivers in healthcare settings and facilitates their role as partners with the health care team.

Here are a few ways the caregiver icon has been implemented across health and community organizations:

Caregiver Identification (ID) cards

The visual icon has been used to create Caregiver ID cards. These are similar to employee cards, and they acknowledge caregivers on a corporate level.

The Bridgepoint Active Healthcare Hospital in Toronto has introduced the Caregiver ID in conjunction with their Family Presence Policy. Visit the Caregiver Identification (ID) Program and Family Presence Policy to learn more.

  • At the Cornwall Community Hospital, family caregivers receive a badge in the in-patient mental health unit that acknowledges them and promotes dialogue with the healthcare provider.
  • The ID is a visual reminder of the caregiver role, and it’s being used to facilitate culture change in the unit.

Bedside White Boards

To further empower caregivers and recognize them in the circle of care, The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance has added a sticker symbolizing caregivers to bedside whiteboards. Caregivers can write their names on the sticker, and they can also use it to document any questions they may have for the care team. To help foster a culture of caregiver inclusion, staff encourage caregivers to regularly use the whiteboard and to be active participants in the circle of care.

Resources for Caregivers

In the Huron and Perth Counties, six health and community care organizations are including the icon on caregiver resources and materials, helping caregivers easily identify tools and supports.

Visual Reminder of an Organization’s Commitment

In health and community care settings, organizations have added the icon to physical spaces such as receptions, waiting rooms and resource centers to demonstrate their commitment to building a culture where family caregivers are partners in care.

Caregivers and health care providers want an easy way to identify and recognize caregivers. In partnership with both caregivers and providers from the Changing CARE teams, The Change Foundation has developed a Caregiver Identification ( ID) visual icon. The icon is used on Caregiver ID cards and by the patient’s bedside in care settings to identify that the patient has a caregiver that he/she consents to be part of his/her care team.

Offering a family caregiver identification initiative is a clear demonstration of an organization’s commitment to caregivers. It’s a visual way to acknowledge and identify family caregivers in health care settings and facilitate their role as a partner with the health care team.

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Access additional examples of the Caregiver ID initiative and family presence policy.