Caregivers as Partners education for health care providers

Created by The Change Foundation, in partnership with the Changing CARE teams, Caregivers as Partners is an educational series for providers that helps them improve the experience of family caregivers through practical tips and examples.

The suite features interactive modules that were developed using Bloom’s Taxonomy, adult learning principles and e-learning best practices. The modules are rooted in open learning, are accessibility compliant and available in an online format for individual learning, learning management system (LMS) formats for organization integration and PowerPoint (PPT) for group learning. The suite consists of two series.

Caregivers As Partners

The Caregivers as Partners 3-part series offers healthcare providers practical learnings on how to engage, support and empower family caregivers. Applicable to anyone working in health, community and social care, the series can be used by front-line providers, ancillary staff, senior management and leadership to improve the family caregiver experience and support a shift in culture where caregivers are truly recognized as partners in care.

The module topics are:

  1. Understanding the Role of Caregivers
  2. Communicating with Caregivers
  3. Empowering Caregivers

Caregivers As Partners – Mental Health and Addictions

The second series, Caregivers as Partners – Mental Health and Addiction equips healthcare providers with practical skills and resources to improve their interactions with caregivers caring for someone living with mental illness and/or addiction. The goal of this series is to better support this subset of caregivers and improve their caregiver experience. The series focuses on what makes the caregiving journey different by highlighting some of the unique experiences and challenges that these caregivers face. The series consists of 3 modules, each 20 minutes in length:

  1. Nature and Impact
  2. The Burden of Care
  3. Hope and Recovery

Each module explores a set of challenges and provides tips on what healthcare providers can do to better support caregivers experiencing that challenge.

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