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Family Caregivers

Caregiver Insight Invaluable

The first year of a new strategic plan is always eye-opening, especially when you start off with a new vision and focus, as we did. Through our burgeoning engagement with family caregivers, we’ve been able to gain some initial, yet profound, insight into the issues family caregivers face when they interact with Ontario’s health and More >

Sharing Difference Experiences Brings All Caregivers Together

Genevieve Obarski, Executive Lead, Program Implementation, The Change Foundation Lisa Levin, Chair, Ontario Caregiver Coalition Though the Family Caregiver Day Act may be more symbolic than anything, it is another signal among many that the roles and responsibilities involved with caregiving are gaining increasing recognition.On November 5th, an important step in recognizing the role of More >

Donna Thomson: What Do Caregivers Need From The Health Care System?

At The Caring Experience telephone town halls on November 24th, Ottawa caregiver Donna Thomson shared her experience caring for her son Nicholas, who has severe disabilities and requires constant care from Donna with dedicated support from his care team. During the Town Hall, Donna was asked how the health care system could better support Ontario’s family More >

The Caring Experience

When we launched our strategic plan Out of the Shadows and Into the Circle, bringing a new focus to the role of family caregivers in the health care system, we wanted to listen and learn from family caregivers as well as frontline health care providers. To do that effectively, we created The Caring Experience project. The More >

A New Health Care Frontier: Ontario’s Family Caregivers

For many, summer is holiday season. For family caregivers, however, real holidays can be hard to come by. Their work is endless, and without them our health care system would crumble. That’s why we have chosen to focus on the valuable, but unrecognized, role of the caregiver in the Ontario health care system in our More >

Family Caregivers

If you are caring for a family member in your home, their home, hospital or other facility, you are one of 3.3 million family caregivers in Ontario who have the same role.  Currently 29 per cent of the provincial population provides this type of support.  By recognizing, facilitating and supporting family caregivers, the overall patient More >

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