Family Caregivers

Emerging Themes and Stories From the Foundation’s Regional Consultations

This overview provides an early flavour of emerging themes and stories from The Change Foundation’s November 2011 provincial consultations with Ontario seniors and their caregivers on their experiences navigating across our health system, particularly at transitions. A final report is to follow Early, high-level takeaways included: transitions/navigation after diagnosis tend to be more positive for More >

What Do Surveys Suggest About Patient/Caregiver Experiences in Ontario?

This companion to The Change Foundation’s review of patient/client and caregiver surveys summarizes the findings of a dozen surveys and offers our observations: Patient/caregiver satisfaction with communication and coordination appears to decline as they move from hospital to community. Patient/caregiver satisfaction with their experience depends on their particular needs. Patients with more complex needs appear More >

Strategic Plan 2010-2013: Summary

A summary of The Change Foundation’s 2010-2013 Strategic Plan: Hearing the Stories, Changing the Story. It outlines our key intentions over the next three years. We plan to: Listen and learn. We will learn from the experience of individuals and caregivers at key transition points in the system and over time. Incubate and innovate. We More >

Environmental Scan: Companion to the Change Foundation 2010-2013 Strategic Plan

Beginning in the summer of 2009, The Change Foundation began researching trends and activities in person-centred care, integrated care for patients, quality and innovation in the healthcare system, and equity and population health. Compiled in this environmental scan, the results of our research serve as a companion piece to our 2010-2013 Strategic Plan: Hearing the More >


The Ontario Caregiver Organization just released a new information sheet for all #caregivers on connecting socially while keeping your distance. It offers 5 tips and a variety of links to arts, culture and wellness resources. Check it out below. #PhysicalDistancing #COVID19…