System Integration

Moving Towards Patients First

Since 1995, The Change Foundation (TCF) has supported and promoted improved health and health care delivery in Ontario. Through our work on patient-centred care, and more recently, with family caregivers, we  know that better integrated health and community care can improve patient experience, lead to better health outcomes, and achieve more value and quality from More >

System Transformation

An integrated health care system in Ontario is a better one. The Change Foundation is committed to system transformation to advancing a high performing integrated health care system. In order to ensure a high performing integrated health care system, changes need to be made on many levels (structural, governance, cultural, funding, policy, performance management, IT, More >

Their Experience. Our Story. Highlights from Our 2010-2015 Strategic Plan

This 23 page report highlights key achievements arising from our 2010-15 strategic plan, Hearing the Stories, Changing the Story. As a think thank that does, we took action to contribute to the knowledge in the area of patient engagement and respond to the evolving discussion in health care. We invested in two showcase projects – More >

Creating The Space to Lead Change: An Independent Analysis of the Change Foundation’s Journey on the Frontline of Healthcare Transitions

The Change Foundation (TCF) made a bold decision to make a significant investment in one system change initiative in a healthcare transitions environment. This instructive, 23-page case study reviews the early process of getting to, and moving on The Change Foundation’s ground-breaking Northumberland PATH project. The two-year, $3-million PATH project is the Foundation’s largest and most More >

Graphic Mural: Using The Patient Voice to Strengthen Our System

“We are a choir of voices, which may help us have more of an impact… it’s the first time that many of us have tried something like this.” The PANORAMA panelists came together for their final face-to-face facilitated meeting October 3–4, 2014, in Toronto. The panelists will continue to be involved in the Foundation’s work More >

Panorama Panelist Gerry Campbell Reflects on Our May 2014 Hot Talk on Health

Gerry Campbell reflects on our latest Hot Talk on Health – What can Ontario learn from BC’s Patients as Partners? Q1: What are your overall impressions of BC’s trailblazing Patients as Partners and Patient Voices network? The four-year BC journey of Patients as Partners shows clearly that the healthcare iceberg can be slowly chipped at to rearrange the shape More >

Q & A Blog with Chancellor Crawford, Managing Director and Ceo @ QoC

The PATH team recently launched the Aging Well Website with the help of QoC, a technology start-up firm that is one of PATH’s 12 partners. Here, Chancellor Crawford of QoC shares his thoughts about working with PATH and harnessing the power of technology to give patients a stronger role in their own healthcare. Q1: What’s your company’s More >

The LHIN (I)Deal: Integrated Healthcare = Better Patient Experience

In January 2014, The Foundation submitted in writing to the Standing Committee on Social policy reviewing the (2006) Local Health System Integration Act (LHSIA). We argue that while the committee has a mandate to review the legislation that governs LHINs, it should focus on Ontario’s broader policy context when asking whether LHINs have been effective. More >

CCO Navigator Tanyia Cavers on Connecting the Dots for Patients (Part 1)

In this video (part 1 of 2), Tanyia Cavers of Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) discusses her work as a nurse navigator at Lakeridge Health. She provides communication, coordination and continuity for patients and their families as they move through the cancer care system.  She says people are overwhelmed with the battery of tests before a More >


Anne Wojtak @Anne_Wojtak integration lead of the #EastTorontoHealthPartnersOHT shares the early lessons the team experienced while tackling the COVID-19 pandemic with a community response:…