System Integration

Esther Green of Cancer Care Ontario on Health System Navigators

Esther Green of Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) outlines the why, how and value-add of CCO’s wide use of professional navigators (usually nurses) to help guide people through the cancer system. CCO surveys confirm that patients, families and providers value the role. Green describes  key elements of CCO’s navigation framework, which provides support based on patients’ levels More >

Report: Health System Navigators: Band-Aid or Cure?

Health System Navigators: Band-Aid or Cure? marks the first Foundation/PANORAMA report reflecting on ways to advance patient-centred care in Ontario. Are navigators a potential solution or another “work around” for an overly complicated system? The report covers the history and scope of health system navigators and key benefits and challenges. In Canada, the role was More >

Voices From The Path Project on The Power of Co-Design

As PATH rolls out, several participants share their thoughts on using experience-based co-design to shift local healthcare culture. They represent PATH’s various project element teams, including Aging Well, Transition Coaching and Person-Centred Care. Highlights: Sheri McKeen, Central East CCAC’s outreach team member: “It has brought back my passion for why I’m in healthcare.” Ralph Curtis, patient: “I have More >

CCO Navigator Tanyia Cavers on Connecting the Dots for Patients (Part 2)

In this video (part 2 of 2), Tanyia Cavers of Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) describes her work as a nurse navigator at Lakeridge Health – providing  communication, coordination and continuity for patients and their families moving through the system.  Her central priority, she says, is to empower them so they can make informed decisions. Cavers More >

Healthcare Reform in The NHS England: More Lessons For Ontario

Two years of complex, politically charged bargaining led to the passage of healthcare reform legislation in 2012 that promised to transform England’s National Health Service (NHS). This report – the third in our series comparing health system reform in England and Ontario – describes the journey to enacting England’s Health and Social Care Act 2012 More >

Highlights of Change, Annual Report 2009-2012: Microsite

The streamlined roundup outlines how we’ve put our ideas to work and into play, as the Foundation wrapped up one strategic plan — focused on health integration– and began to implement another — centred on improving the healthcare experience. Highlights of Change points to an array of popular resources and events produced by the Foundation, More >

Partners Advancing Transitions in Healthcare (Path): Northumberland

This brief backgrounder provides basic project details for The Change Foundation’s announcement of the Northumberland Community Partnership as the winner of its $3-million investment in a trail-blazing project: PATH – Partners Advancing Transitions in Healthcare: A first with Ontario patients. The Northumberland Community Partnership unites 12 health and social care organizations with seniors and caregivers More >

Daryl Bell on Value of Adding Patient Voice To Healthcare Reform

In this video interview, Daryl Bell, Kingston General Hospital’s Chaplain and Co-Chair, Patient Advisory Council, says: “Patients are the only ones who can tell us how our system really works. They are the only ones who know if they feel safe, if information was understandable, if tests and procedures were explained to them, and if More >


As we wrap up #CaregiverDay in Ontario, we want to say thank you to all the family #caregivers out there who are doing extraordinary work, we see you and we appreciate you! Thank you for all that you do - year round but also during these unprecedented times!