The 101 of Engagement & Co-Design — A Step by Step Guide

The 101 of Engagement & Co-Design — A Step by Step Guide

Using engagement and co-design as an approach to quality improvement can take more time but results in impactful and meaningful change.

Through these two PowerPoint slide decks you will learn how to practically apply the theory and frameworks of engagement and Experience-Based Co-Design (EBCD) in your own projects and initiatives. The slides can be copied and pasted into presentations you may be working on to help build the case to use co-design methodology, and to explain the process. The presentations are divided into two volumes.

Volume One covers:

  1. What is Experience-Based Co-Design (EBCD)?
  2. Why use co-design methodology?
  3. Preparing your organization for co-design

Volume Two covers:

  1. How to co-design (using the 6 steps of EBCD)?

Volume Two guides you through each of the six EBCD phases, supporting you in co-designing your quality improvement initiatives. The slide deck includes considerations for unit, program or organization-specific quality improvement efforts as well as considerations for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs).

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Below are checklists of considerations for you to leverage when working through the phases of Experience-Based Co-Design.

Additional checklists will be added throughout the month of September. Stay tuned!