Changing CARE: Evaluating our impact

Changing CARE: Evaluating our impact

From the beginning of the Changing CARE journey, we started to think about how to measure impact. One of the principles in our evaluation plan was to “learn along the way” - our Lessons from Changing CARE series of reports were released starting in June 2018 up until November 2020. We also wanted to reflect on key questions - what were the big learnings? What has changed for family caregivers? What is different for providers? Are we closer to a culture that sees caregivers as partners in care?

The Changing CARE Measurement and Evaluation report profiles five case studies of co-designed change initiatives:

I. Family Presence policies
II. Caregiver Identification (ID)
III. Caregivers as Partners eLearning for Providers
IV. Care Binders
V. Stroke Care Education for Caregivers

The report also presents four key insights from across the four projects – including survey and qualitative data, lessons learned and implications for moving forward.

Report table of contents

The Change Foundation supported this journey of co-design with patients, caregivers and providers. We hope you are inspired by what we’ve learned about co-designing, implementing and spreading change initiatives to improve the way care organizations, providers, patients, families and caregivers work together. As we continue to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 environment, the profiled change initiatives and key insights are more relevant than ever.

Interested in learning more about the co-designed surveys used in Changing CARE to probe the experience of caregivers and providers?

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