Integrated Healthcare in England: Lessons For Ontario

Cover page of "Integrated Health Care in England: Lessons for Ontario" Download "Integrated in Health Care in England"

This case study is the first in a series of papers by The Change Foundation that will draw from instructive international examples of integrated health systems. Why start with the English National Health Service (NHS)? Because it is intentional, takes risks, makes mistakes, and learns from them. It keeps the patient at the centre of its efforts. And, it publishes everything. What have we learned from undertaking this work? Transformation is messy even with intent and certain things are required to support integrated care. Without clarity on these key questions, healthcare remains disjointed: Who does what? What services are needed? Are patients and families involved in planning? How are services funded, and who decides? Who can best deliver care? How is quality determined, and what gets reported? What infrastructure is required? How does healthcare integrate with other determinants of health?


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