Lessons from Changing CARE

Lessons from Changing CARE

In 2017, after a long and detailed search, The Change Foundation identified four Changing CARE partnerships from across Ontario to receive funding and support over the next three years to improve the caregiver and provider experience for their communities.

Changing CARE is the “action phase” of The Change Foundation’s Out of the Shadows and Into the Circle 2015-2020 strategic plan—following on our 2015-2016 year of listening and learning from family caregivers and healthcare providers across Ontario.

This series of four reports focuses on learnings and lessons from Changing CARE organized into the following topics:

  • The Discovery Phase of Experience-Based Co-Design
  • Co-Design Events
  • Testing and Implementation of Change Initiatives
  • Sustainability and Spread of Change Initiatives

Each of these reports features practical tips to help you use and adapt what we’ve learned to help you co-design solutions in your own setting.

We want to see improved caregiver and provider experience all across Ontario, and beyond. These reports are the first steps on that journey.