Moving Towards Patients First

February 29, 2016

PatientsFirst response_Featured-ImageSince 1995, The Change Foundation (TCF) has supported and promoted improved health and health care delivery in Ontario. Through our work on patient-centred care, and more recently, with family caregivers, we  know that better integrated health and community care can improve patient experience, lead to better health outcomes, and achieve more value and quality from health system investments.

Late in 2015, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) released Patients First, a discussion paper outlining a set of proposed reforms to address challenges in our health care system.

Through our work with Ontario’s patients and caregivers, TCF has gained a strong understanding of the challenges that patients and caregivers face in  our health care system. It is with this insight that we reflected on the proposals in Patients First.

Moving Towards Patients First is our formal response to MOHLTC’s proposals. It is not clear to us thatPatients First, on its own, is enough. But perhaps it’s a start. The language of the paper hits all the right notes but the lack of detail makes it difficult to formulate concrete recommendations.

Our feedback is structured as a series of questions for the Ministry’s consideration as implementation plans are put in motion.

Moving forward, we cannot lose sight of patients and their families. If we want our system to be patient-centred and responsive to the needs of patients and their families, they need to be active partners in the process.

To download Moving Towards Patients First, click here.

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