Patient Engagement

To improve Ontario’s health care system, those on the front lines — family caregivers, patients, health care providers and system representatives — need to be engaged in the discussions to enhance overall health care.

Caregiver and patient engagement is an ongoing focus for TCF. Between 2010 and 2015, TCF spearheaded two major made-in-Ontario patient engagement projects: Partners Advancing Transitions in Healthcare (PATH) and PANORAMA. These two projects were landmark initiatives in Ontario’s health care system and helped show the positive change that can be accomplished when patients, family caregivers and health providers are brought to the table to work together.  

TCF’s new strategic plan, Out of the Shadows and Into the Circle, outlines a roadmap recommending techniques to engage family caregivers, patients, providers and system representatives from 2015-2020.

Find out more about relevant patient engagement projects, partnerships, and resources, or explore recent reports we’ve published below.

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