Changing CARE

We listened. We heard. Now it’s time to act.

Changing CARE is the action phase of The Change Foundation’s Out of the Shadows and Into the Circle strategic plan. After a long and detailed search, we identified four key partnerships from across Ontario to work with over the next three years.

All four partnerships were designed with caregivers in key design and decision-making roles. The partnerships are poised to be leaders in caregiver recognition, support and integration in the Ontario health care system and aim to change the way health care organizations, providers, and caregivers work together.

Specifically, the four Changing CARE partnerships will develop local supports, programs, or resources that address four thematic needs:

Communication—Better communication and information exchange between caregivers and health care providers.

Assessment—More identification and assessment of family caregivers to determine their needs, abilities, and expectations.

Recognition—Beginning formal recognition of the role family caregivers play in our system by the patient’s care teams and by caregivers themselves.

Education—More opportunities for caregiver support and education to develop key care skills, from counselling to medical task training.

Identified by both family caregivers and health providers, more information and insight into these themes and their development can be found on the Foundation’s Caring Experience project page.


Project Initiatives

Check out some of the partnerships and initiatives that are part of Changing Care.

Connecting the Dots for Caregivers

This project is focused on addressing the needs of family caregivers by defining and recognizing their roles and co-designing systems of care provision and communication to meet their needs.

Cultivating Change

Sinai Health System and WoodGreen Community Services are proudly partnering with family caregivers. Together, they're redesigning the caregiver experience using the concepts of a caregiver-friendly hospital and community hub.


With family caregivers, this partnership will develop practices to better support, recognize, and embrace their vital role in helping loved ones with addiction and mental health issues.

Improving CARE Together

This partnership will support St. Joseph’s Health Care in London to better support caregivers directly at the care level, but also to include strong caregiver voices in program and organizational planning.

Selection Process and Funding

Beginning in August 2016, The Change Foundation conducted a comprehensive selection process that consisted of an initial public call to Ontario health care delivery/service organizations for Expressions of Interest, followed by a formal Request for Proposals from a shortlist. The successful four proposals were chosen in December 2016 and formally announced in January 2017.

Changing CARE partnerships will each receive a maximum of $750,000 per year for the next three years from The Change Foundation.

Changing CARE: Evaluating our impactEvaluating Our Impact

Early in the Changing CARE journey, we thought about how to measure impact. This report profiles five case studies and four key insights – including survey and qualitative data, lessons learned and implications for moving forward.

watch the videosReflecting on the Journey

3 years. 4 projects. 60+ initiatives to improve the caregiver experience.

Listen to the Changing CARE partnerships reflect on their journey, highlight the impact of Changing CARE on shifting culture and share how they are moving forward to sustain and grow their care partnerships.