Future Innovator Awards

The Change Foundation is celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2020 by honouring those who have a strong vision for positive change for patients and caregivers and have the potential to make notable impact going forward.

The Change Foundation’s current mandate is focused on improving the caregiver experience in Ontario. The Foundation believes that there are people, teams and/or organizations laser focused on making the patient, caregiver and provider experience better. We want to identify and showcase these potential future innovators. Those who have the will, vision and potential to create and lead transformative and meaningful change in the years ahead.

The Future Innovator Awards recognizes six people, organizations and/or teams who have a strong commitment to co-design, a vision for positive change, and the potential to make notable impact over the coming years, as Ontario’s healthcare system continually evolves. The nominees have some track record of driving change, but most importantly have the potential to create and lead transformative ideas in the future.


Award Recipients

The Chalmers chatbot

Developed by Ample Labs, and co-designed with members of the homeless community, the Chalmers chatbot leveraged 211 Ontario data to help those experiencing homelessness find assistance addressing basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing banks and drop-ins.

eConsultBASE™ with the Bruyère Research Institute, Long-Term Care

eConsultBASE™ breaks down barriers in the healthcare system, bringing together physicians, caregivers and researchers with one common goal: to improve access to timely specialist advice for people living in long-term care.

The Family Transition Program, Oxford County

The Family Transition Program helps people contemplating long-term care, and their caregivers and families ease into an often stressful transition to an unfamiliar environment prior to move-in day.

Inner City Health Associates

Every year Inner City Health Associates (ICHA) brings direct access to high-quality primary, mental health, and palliative care to more than 7,000 people experiencing homelessness in Toronto.

The MINT Memory Clinic

The MINT Memory Clinic goal is to provide patients and their caregivers with high-quality, ongoing compassionate dementia care in primary care settings within their own communities.

Resili (Supports Health Inc.)

The Resili team is changing the world of healthcare and wellness by making mental health knowledge and skills available to every caregiver and every Canadian for free, through the Resili app.

Honourable Mentions

In addition to the six Future Innovator Award recipients, we recognize five honourable mentions.

Selection Committee

To ensure that each of the Future Innovator Award recipients meets the highest standards, The Change Foundation set up an independent vetting and selection process.

The independent Selection Committee includes 9 people and is chaired by Jo-Anne Poirier, Former Chair of the Board at The Change Foundation. Together the group represents the breadth and diversity of the health care sector in Ontario. The committee reflects the range of participants in the healthcare system – including patients, caregivers, providers, leaders and researchers – and all have a passion for innovation and positive change in healthcare.