Special Announcement

Dear Change Foundation Partner:

I am writing to share a special announcement on behalf of The Change Foundation.

As you know, 2020 has been an unprecedented year marked by ongoing disruption, transformation and uncertainty as the world continues to respond and grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic.  At a local level, there are ramifications to Ontario healthcare, including people, providers, the integration efforts and the architecture of the system as a whole.

It is in this context that The Change Foundation has decided to undertake our own strategic re-set. The timing is right, as 2020 marks our 25th anniversary and is also the final year of our 5-year strategic focus on family caregivers.

In the past few weeks, the TCF Board has had collaborative discussions with the OHA Board to develop the parameters for stronger alignment between the two organizations. We are pleased to announce that our mission re-set will be built on leadership development and change leadership, which are vital in the current context and for the future.

Building a deliberate and focused capability within The Change Foundation to conduct and sustain applied research and learning in the field of leadership make it the ideal structure to fill this gap in Ontario’s healthcare landscape.

These parameters were endorsed and approved by the TCF Board at its October 1 meeting, and we are now working towards implementing on the target date of April 1, 2021.  With this clarity on alignment, the foundation will spend the intervening months further developing this strategic reset and identifying a complementary vision and set of strategic priorities.

We will pause all externally-focused activities effective December 1, 2020 and use the following few months to set a new strategic focus for the future based on a strong foundation of alignment with the Ontario Hospital Association. We are looking forward to continuing to establish a relevant and impactful contribution to positive change in Ontario’s healthcare system going forward.

During this time, our website and social media channels will remain active but by and large dormant. That is, you will still have access to the rich content that is there now, but there will be little added that is new.

Don’t worry: our caregiver focused work is in good hands. We are well underway in our plan to transition these tools and resources to the Ontario Caregiver Organization; a plan put into effect some time ago, and we will provide a link to this work from our homepage when the time is right.

And stay tuned: We are still planning to formally wrap-up and celebrate our work with caregivers at a virtual Capstone event in November. You can expect an announcement about our plans in the near future.

As for our work convening different groups across the health-care system, we are committed to working with our key partners to ensure a smooth transition of all this work.

Our commitment during this time of change and transition is to support our partners and staff, and we look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.


Annie Tobias

Interim CEO, The Change Foundation