Strategic Plan 2007-2010: Contemplating the Way We Change; Changing the Way We Think

May 25, 2007 Cover page for Strategic Plan 2007-2010 Download the 2007-2010 Strategic Plan

In 2007, The Change Foundation released a new three-year strategic plan, Contemplating the Way We Change, Changing the Way We Think, announcing a new mission and mandate for the organization. After a decade of funding a diverse array of research on healthcare in Ontario, the Foundation set a new and ambitious goal. As a respected health-policy think tank, we will provide unique and timely research, analysis and leadership on emerging healthcare issues, starting with the integration of healthcare services in Ontario.

The Change Foundation’s strategic directions for 2007– 2010 are:

  • to support the implementation of an integrated health system in Ontario through evidence-based policy and research
  • to improve patient outcomes through integration-related quality improvement projects
  • to drive informed public debate through active engagement with decision-makers and healthcare leaders.


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