Starting the Conversation

This toolkit houses the resources we – and the Changing CARE teams – have created to help you start the conversation about co-design and improving the caregiver experience in your organization.

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Young Carers

More than a quarter of Canada’s youth are young carers. To support young carers, the health system must recognize, listen to, and consider young carers as valuable members of the care team.

The Caregiver Wishlist

There are an estimated 3.3 million family caregivers in Ontario – nearly a third of the population – and we know that these numbers are only increasing. As more and more Ontarians become caregivers every day, we wanted to create something to help them on their caregiver journey, and to help the healthcare providers who work with them.

Caregiver Video Library

Caregiver stories are a powerful tool in understanding the caregiver experience, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement, and supporting co-design efforts.

Lessons from Changing CARE

Now that we’re more than a year into Changing CARE, it’s the ideal time for us to stop and reflect on the collective path we’ve taken so far, and release our learnings on the engagement phase of co-design.

Addressing Issues of Privacy and Consent

Caregivers and providers both need to understand how Ontario’s privacy and consent rules apply to them so that they can work together to ensure the best care and outcomes for the patient.

Building Online Local Repositories of Caregiver Resources

Two of the Changing CARE projects, Embrace and Connecting the Dots, developed local websites to support the education and awareness of programs, services and resources for caregivers and healthcare providers. Both projects used a co-designed approach, working with local caregivers and healthcare providers to develop the websites.

Collaborative Governance Models – Creating a Memorandum of Agreement

The partnership ecosystem for the Changing CARE project is comprised of formal and informal partnerships. To support cross organizational partnerships, the Change Foundation developed a template Memorandum of Agreements. Access an example MOA for you to use as a starting point as you develop your own.

Co-design Workshop Resources

Co-designing with patients, caregivers and healthcare providers is a powerful and insightful approach to developing solutions that will better meet the needs of those the solutions are intended for. The following are examples of resources that were developed by the Changing CARE teams to include caregivers in project planning and facilitate co-design workshops. Materials include guides for facilitators, evaluation forms, sample agendas and activities.

Resource Hub

As part of our caregiver engagement and research activities, we have developed a collection of legislation, policies, strategies, and organizations directed at family caregivers. These resources provide access for individuals and groups looking to help improve the experience of family caregivers.


The Ontario Caregiver Organization just released a new information sheet for all #caregivers on connecting socially while keeping your distance. It offers 5 tips and a variety of links to arts, culture and wellness resources. Check it out below. #PhysicalDistancing #COVID19…